My name is Setya Octaviani, and setyaocta.com is my blog which goes by the name Unsung Lullaby. I know the name is a bit cheesy, cliche, and lame, but that was exactly the first thing popped into my mind when I was considering to write again. Well, not actually the first–first, but this one sounds more beautiful.

I started blogging when I was in middle school. Mostly like a diary where I wrote my daily story, puppy love story, holiday story with family, and other teenage stuffs. I keep writing blog until I went to college. I usually write at night before I went to bed. That is why writing is like a lullaby for me. A thing that brings me to sleep. After I graduate from college, I was working as a writer-slash-reporter for a local teenage magazine. After five years working as a writer, I started missing my old habit. Writing for pleasure before I went to bed. My daily lullaby. I wonder how many thoughts I have been left unwritten all these years. How many lullabies I left unsung all these years?

So, if you’re happened to be here by accident or purposely, I’d say “Hello, and thanks for being here.” You can take my writings personally or casually, or even not taking it all. I am totally okay. This blog was purely where I want to share my thoughts, my stories, and anything that bothers me or happened to cross my mind. And since this is “a lullaby”, I require your understanding. Nobody shall handle a 1 AM thoughts.

Good night and have a good sleep! Enjoy the lullaby.